Friday, January 08, 2016

Two more school sick-outs in Detroit

Abandoned Detroit school
Detroit's unionized teachers deserve a detention.

From the Detroit News:
Two public schools in the city — East English Village Preparatory Academy and Mann Learning Community — are closed Friday because of a high volume of teacher absences, Detroit Public Schools has confirmed.

That brings the total to five Detroit Public Schools buildings that haven’t offered class on at least one day this week because of teacher sickouts, a labor negotiation tactic former Detroit Federation of Teachers president Steve Conn takes credit for.

Teachers upset by large class sizes, pay and benefit concessions, and Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to create a new, debt-free Detroit school district have staged a series of sickouts in recent months.

Conn said he and a contingent of DPS teachers will be meeting Sunday to plan their next moves, which might include a full-blown strike, which is illegal under state law.
DPS is nearly insolvent.

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