Monday, January 11, 2016

Over 60 Detroit schools closed today because of illegal sick-out

Abandoned Detroit school
Detroit has a lot of teachers who need to, well teach.

Teacher strikes, and yes, that includes sick-outs, are illegal in Michigan, which is something the Detroit Free Press

From the Detroit News:
Steven Conn, the elected-then-deposed president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, is leading the contingent of striking teachers. On Monday, with 61 schools closed, Conn told The News "it"s great" — on Sunday, Conn told reporters he expected only three dozen closures — and added that "an all-out strike will be the only way to save public education in Detroit."

At Sunday's meeting, Conn called his Jan. 20 reinstatement hearing with the American Federation of Teachers, which has placed the DFT in trusteeship, "D-Day." Monday, Conn said that if he's not reinstated, the Strike to Win committee will pursue a full-blown strike.

"It"s all one thing —the degradation of local control of our schools," Conn said.

Though teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan, Conn brushed off those concerns Sunday.
Conn should be arrested for racketeering. The "sick" teachers should be punished.

From my post at Da Tech Guy:

Detroit teachers illegally strike with sick-outs and no one cares

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