Saturday, January 16, 2016

Michael Moore says Flint water crisis is intentional

Lake Huron
Always one to play loose with the facts, left-wing rabble-rouser Michael Moore, who wrongly claims to have grown up in Flint, Michigan, returned to his "hometown" today as the rust belt town copes with a drinking water lead poisoning crisis.

Moore claimed today that the Flint water debacle was intentional.

The background--Yes, this will take a while: Since 2011 Flint has been run by an emergency manager appointed by Republican governor Rick Snyder. In essence because of malfeasance Flint is in receivership. Three years ago in a 7-1 vote the City Council voted to get its drinking water from a new pipeline endeavor and stop buying it from Detroit, although the water would still come from Lake Huron. But Detroit, which at the time was also run by an emergency manager, told Flint it would stop the flow of water to Flint within several months. But because the new Lake Huron pipeline wouldn't be ready for a few years, Flint was compelled to get its water from the Flint River.

Almost immediately after the switch to the river water in 2014 there were taste and odor complaints about the water, and four months into the river era the was a boil order because of high fecal coliform counts in the water.

Last fall it was discovered that the water, because it wasn't properly treated for road salt runoff into the river, was corroding the lead-soldered pipes of Flint and this was causing high levels of lead in the blood of children.

Horrible stuff--and the worst part is we may not know the damage to the children for years. And lead poisoning is irreversible--it can cause mental retardation among other things.

And there have been ten recent fatalities in Flint from Legionnaires' disease, although the link to the river water has not been established.

Back to Michael Moore: "This is not a mistake," he barked in Flint today. "Ten people have been killed here because of a political decision. They did this. They knew."

Moore also said that the water infrastructure of Flint "has been destroyed by the governor of this state." Remember, Snyder is a Republican.

Hey Moore: Not a mistake? Killed because of a political decision? Moore of course brings up that Flint is a majority African American city and it has very high levels of poverty.

Gross incompetence does not equal intentional, Moore. Shut up.

Flint has been using Detroit-supplied water since October but the pipes in Flint haven't changed.

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