Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Illegal Detroit teacher sick-out closes nearly all schools as Obama visits city

Abandoned Detroit school
President Obama is in Detroit today to visit the North American International Auto Show and to view the so-called progress in the city since it emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

But most of the city's teachers called in "sick" to participate in an illegal strike.

From CBS Detroit:
Mass teacher sickouts have prompted nearly all of Detroit Public Schools to close on the day President Barack Obama is set to visit the city.

More than 85 schools across the city are closed Wednesday because of excessive teacher absences — the largest in a string of recent sickouts meant to call attention to high class sizes, dilapidated buildings and other problems in Michigan’s largest school district.

DPS officials say they have "no other option but to close schools when teachers do not report for work." Michelle Zdrodowski, DPS spokesperson, said staff members at the schools which have closed must still report for work Wednesday or take a personal leave day. Otherwise, staff could face disciplinary action as most of the district’s 46,000 students sit at home.

Zdrodowski said the call-offs have left just nine school buildings open across the district.
The sick-outs are being organized by ousted Detroit Federation of Teachers president Steve Conn. He should be charged with racketeering.

From my post at Da Tech Guy:

Detroit teachers illegally strike with sick-outs and no one cares

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