Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Detroit Public Schools sues teachers over illegal sick-outs

Abandoned Detroit school
Nearly all public schools in Detroit were closed today as unionized teachers participated in another sick-out. President Obama was in the Motor City on Wednesday to cheer on the auto industry an to celebrate the so-called comeback of Detroit. The leftists egging on the teachers, led by ousted Detroit Federation of Teachers president Steve Conn, chose the occasion of the Obama visit to draw attention to their demands.

But perhaps they over-achieved.

From the Detroit News:
Detroit Public Schools is asking a judge to issue a restraining order and a preliminary injunction against teachers who engaged in alleged work strikes, ordering them to stop the sickouts and return to work.

The emergency motion, filed Wednesday in the Michigan Court of Claims, names 23 DPS teachers, the Detroit Federation of Teachers and its interim president, Ivy Bailey, and organized sickout supporters such as DPS Teachers Fight Back and By Any Means Necessary.

It asks for a court order requiring teachers to follow Michigan law, which prohibits strikes by public employees, as well as damages of more than $25,000.

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