Sunday, January 24, 2016

Detroit carjacking fails because thieves couldn't figure out how to operate pushbutton start

If you are a thief--do not read this next sentence: When you want to turn the ignition of a keyless start--you put your foot on the brake and push the big red button that says "start."

From the Detroit News:
Two people are sought in the attempted carjacking of an elderly man outside a gas on the city's west side.

Detroit Police said a man and a girl attempted to carjack a 66-year-old man outside the gas station 9:40 p.m. Friday in the 8800 block of Wyoming.

The pair, say police, approached the man while he was pumping gas and one of them demanded his car keys. The victim complied and both suspects got into the vehicle. But once inside, the male suspect could not figure out how to start the vehicle. The two left the vehicle and fled after having no success.

The victim was not injured in the incident, say police.
The cops describe the clueless Bonnie and Clyde as teenagers.

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Orlando Gator said...

Dumb shits! Ghetto rats, no doubt.