Sunday, January 17, 2016

CPS doesn't know what happened to stuff from 50 closed schools

Disney II Magnet School
Northwest Side
My guess is that the missing items were stolen and then fenced. CPS bonds are rated as junk. They need every penny they can get.

From the Better Government Association and the Chicago Sun-Times:
Two years after Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed a record 50 schools over low enrollment, officials say they don't know where many of the computers, desks, books and other items from those buildings ended up.

After being pressed for more than six months on what happened to the classroom equipment, Chicago Public Schools officials now say they don’t have an answer.

They blame bad record-keeping under Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Emanuel's disgraced former schools chief, who awaits sentencing after pleading guilty in October to steering millions of dollars in CPS contracts to her former employer in exchange for what prosecutors said were promises of kickbacks.
"BBB" previously worked for Detroit's deeply troubled public school system. On the other hand, bureaucrats are adept at shifting blame to someone else. There are many other crooks working for CPS.

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