Friday, January 15, 2016

Buddhist monk donated entire $36K for California Reagan statue

Yes, the Republican Party is the party of diversity.

From the Orange County Register:
When Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do arranged for a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan to be installed at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley last year, he listed the sculpture’s donor as anonymous, raising questions about secrecy and propriety.

Do’s office released the donor's identity last summer as Thich Chon Thanh, chief abbot of the Lien Hoa Temple in Garden Grove.

Chon Thanh, a Buddhist monk, said he donated all of the $36,000 needed for the 6-foot-tall statue and its new 5-foot-tall foundation because "President Reagan is a Superman all over the world."

Chon Thanh, born Thu Van Nguyen, grew up in the south of Vietnam. He moved to Japan in 1970 to study Buddhism, and has never visited his home country since.
If communism is gone from Vietnam, Thanh says he'll consider returning there.

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