Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Big Detroit high school closed due to teacher sick-out

Abandoned Detroit school
Teachers in Detroit's Cass High School are being paid today not to teach--they called in sick.

Meanwhile, Detroit Public Schools is headed toward insolvency.

From the Detroit News:
Cass Technical High School is closed Tuesday due to a large number of teacher absences, Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Zdrodowski confirmed.

Cass Tech, one of the largest public schools in Detroit, enrolls more than 2,400 students, according to the district. It is located on Second Avenue northeast of Interstate 75 and the Lodge freeway. The school became an international baccalaureate world school in August 2014.

"We don't disagree with people's right to protest. However, what we do disagree with is when these protests take away instructional time from our students,” Zdrodowski said in a statement. "To deny students their opportunity to learn in the interest of making a political statement should go against every principle a teacher holds important, and sends a terrible message to the very students to whom they are supposed to serve as role models...Students should not be taught that it's OK to shirk their responsibilities, which is the message the teachers who call in sick — without truly being sick — are sending to their students."
People who claim "Detroit is back" need a serious talking to.

Will DPS punish these unionized "ill" teachers?

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