Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Banished Story nomination: Liberals who say Reagan wouldn't recognize today's GOP

Reagan statue,
Dixon, Illinois
Every New Year's Eve Lake Superior State University releases its Banished Words List--which is really more of cry for help in regards overused and misused words and phrases--it's absolutely is not a call for censorship.

I'm proposing a Banished Stories List for 2016. My first nomination is to banish stories from liberal reporters who claim that Ronald Reagan would not recognize today's Republican Party because it has become to "extreme." My chief problem with these reports is that they always come from liberal reporters who didn't support Reagan, or if they weren't alive during the conservative icon's political career, would not have.

Yesterday CBS News Scott Pelley, a liberal, said that the Gipper "wouldn't recognize the melee just four weeks before Iowa." While Reagan did have his 11th commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican," in 1976 he challenged Gerald Ford, an incumbent president, for the Republican nomination.

Shut up, Pelley.

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1 comment:

Winston Smith said...

LBJ escalated the war in Viet Nam.
JFK lowered income taxes.
HST dropped 2 Atom bombs on Japan.

Don't you wonder if they would recognize today's Democrat party?