Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some parents angry over Muslim prayer room at Detroit-area Catholic school

What if Christian parents at a Muslim school, say in the Middle East, wanted a chapel with a crucifix over an altar there?

From ABC 7 Detroit:
It may surprise some to learn Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills has a dozen or so Muslim students.

It has been that way, say leaders, for many years.

But questions have recently been raised, primarily by about a dozen or so angry parents, over a prayer room, which allows those Muslim students to pray on a Catholic school's property.

"When the question was 'Is there a place that I can pray?', the answer that evolved was yes," says school president John Birney. "We have this 'sacred space' available for you if you want it," he remembers telling students.
Muslim students enrolled at Catholic high are much more common than the ABC 7 report leads one to believe. Students of all faiths of course should be welcomed. But the kids and parents should remember that it is a Catholic school. And administrators need to remember that--but of course they are more interested in collecting tuition cash.

As for the prayer room, it is not an exclusively Muslim area. Other students can pray there too.

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