Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Only 15 arrested? Black Lives Matter protesters shut down MN airport terminal, block rail line and freeway

In a democracy it's said that you get the government that you deserve. Well the people of Minnesota deserve chaos. Tonight in the Twin Cities area Black Lives Matter protesters shut down an airport terminal, they blocked rail lines, and a highway.

From USA Today:
Several hundred Black Lives Matter activists shut down at least one terminal at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International airport Wednesday for about two hours in an afternoon of protest that began miles away at the huge Mall of America.

A total of 15 people were arrested at both sites, mostly for trespassing or obstruction of justice, police said. No injuries or property damage were reported.

The protesters not only disrupted rail traffic to the terminals, they blocked the freeway in front of the airport, snarling holiday traffic on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
Several stores were closed at the Mall of America because of the leftists.

And only 15 people were arrested. Far more than 15 people clogged up the terminal, blocked the rail line, and obstructed traffic on busy stretch of road--each of those actions is illegal. Are we going to be a civil society? Or is our society going to be disrupted by a group of spoiled brats?

These hooligans should be arrested, jailed, and fined.

Oh, I'm certain these jackals didn't bother with applying for a rally permit.

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