Saturday, December 12, 2015

One week on job and Detroit HS principal began stealing

Abandoned Detroit high
school classroom
With principals like this one it is easy to understand how Detroit's public schools ended up needing an emergency manager.

From the Detroit Free Press:
The first time Kenyetta (K.C.) Wilbourn Snapp broke the law, she had been in a new job for less than a week.

It was 2009. She was in her first stint as a principal, and she was to run Denby High School, the city's worst-performing school that year. The Detroit native was eager to achieve — and eager to please.

"I was the first person to make it in my family, so everybody started coming around," she said. "My grandmother showed up and Food Services hired her. ... Then comes my uncle tagging along and, I'm like, 'Do I have to give him a job?'"

She had no job available, so she asked her football coach to hire her uncle as an assistant. She paid him using funds from a DPS vendor. That vendor paid Snapp $750 every time she gave him the names of 20 students for a tutoring program. She said she doesn't know whether the program actually existed.
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