Wednesday, December 02, 2015

ISIS "poster girl" beaten to death for wanting to leave terror group

Two Austrian teen girls of Bosnian descent ran away from home and joined ISIS. At least one paid the ultimate price.

At first they were called the poster girls for the Islamic State.

Young and beautiful, Samra Kesinovic fled to Syria in April last year, leaving her family a note telling them not to look for her as she had gone to serve Allah.

The 17-year-old Austrian fled her apparent comfortable life in Vienna, along with 16-year-old friend Sabina Selimovic, for life under IS rule.

Now Samra is believed to be dead, with news emerging this week that the teen was beaten to death for wanting to leave the terror group.

The fate of Sabina remains unknown with the Austrian government refusing to confirm news of either girls' death or their likely whereabouts.
Austrian authorities are using a Bosnian cleric based in Vienna, Abu Tejda, of recruiting the girls. If that is true, why is that man walking the streets of the Austrian capital as a free man?

Pictured here the two girls are wearing hijabs.

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