Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Imam pictured on front page Detroit Free Press anti-bigotry op-ed is a Jew hater

Former Free Press Building
In a full front page page editorial, the Detroit Free Press panned Donald Trump and his proposal to ban Muslims, at least for a while, from entering the United States. Pictured above the fold on "the Freep" is Husham Al-Husainy, the imam of suburban Dearborn's influential Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center.

"Muslims are good American citizens," he's quoted below his photo accompanying the op-ed. "We are a peaceful people. Here in Dearborn, we've been living in coexistence for many, many years."

Yes, most Muslims are good American citizens. But what of Al-Husainy. Well, I don't know if the Iraqi-born cleric is an American citizen, but he's lived here for decades. As I pointed on a Da Tech Guy three days ago, this so-called moderate cleric, who was featured on The Learning Channel's All-American Muslim reality show, is a Jew-hater. Oh sure, he says 'Zionist' instead, which is a worn-out dog-whistle word used by Muslims in a feeble attempt not to appear bigoted.

In a telephone interview in 2012, Al-Husainy cited the Quran and predicted that Israel would be attacked by an Islamic army and that Jerusalem would be seized, "which Zionists made filthy," by those forces.

Al-Husainy is a signatory of the 2011 Jerusalem document, which Christian convert and former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat called at the time "the Muslim 'Mein Kampf' document on Jerusalem."

"We stand together" is that headline of the Free Press op-ed. But does "we" include Israel backers?

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