Sunday, November 22, 2015

(Photos) Morton Grove the day after Bella

The Midwest's first snowstorm of the year, Winter Storm Bella, passed through Morton Grove, Illinois yesterday. Today it's bright, sunny, and cold--a perfect opportunity for capturing striking photographs.

The official Chicago accumulation from the storm was 11.2 inches--the heaviest November snowfall in the city since 1895.

Brush on the ground gains beauty after snowfall.

Ice develops on an unnamed creek.

The North Branch of the Chicago River photographed from St. Paul Woods.

Box Elders, considered a weed tree, are much more attractive when covered in snow.

An Amtrak train passes through St. Paul Woods.

Drivers on Dempster have this view of Linne Woods.

Back to the North Branch of the Chicago River.

What a place to run, walk, or ski! The North Branch Trail is beautiful any time of year.

One final look at the river.

Next summer's seeds resting in the snow.

Because there are leaves on some of these bushes, this trail is nearly impassable.

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