Friday, November 13, 2015

Did Hillary really babysit migrant kids in the 1960s?

Nowhere near Park Ridge, IL
Finally the mainstream media is scrutinizing Hillary Clinton's past, although not with intensity they are analyzing Dr. Ben Carson's Detroit-to-glory rise. CNN is investigating Clinton's claim that she was turned down by a rude recruiter when she inquired about joining the US Marines.

Here's another Hillary boast from 2007, as she spoke about growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois, which borders Chicago. The old Rodham family home sits three blocks from Chicago's city limits.
She recalled Park Ridge was surrounded by farms that relied on migrant labor and that she used to baby-sit the workers' children, an experience that awakened her to the complexities of the immigrant experience.
She used the same aren't-I-great-narrative in 2000, as Media Matters reported at the time, when Hillary said those migrant kids were from Mexico. (My God, did I really link to Media Matters?)

As I blogged in 2007, there weren't many farms left in Chicago's inner suburbs by the time Hillary was of baby-sitting age, which would have been in the early 1960s.

So, CNN, you may want to seek out some senior citizens who knew Clinton in her Park Ridge days and ask them if she really did baby-sit children of Mexican migrant farm workers. Or see if there is a Juan or Juanita who remembers when Hillary was her sitter.

I believe Hillary is lying--again. She doesn't seem have the temperament to watch kids for more than a few minutes.

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Anonymous said...

I used to live in Chicago about a 10 minute bicycle ride from Hilary's Park Ridge house. We are about the same age. I find this story very difficult to believe. The last farm in or near Park Ridge sold out to my home church, if I remember correctly, in 1958. Lutheran General Hospital sits on that site. LGH opened on July 1, 1960. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 14, 2015, I will be seeing two of Hilary's classmates from Maine South. One of them is former Illinois State Rep Penny Pullen. Another friend will be at that meeting is a current member of the Board of Directors of LGH. I will ask them both about this question.

Anonymous said...

I just heard her in Atherton tonight claim the exact same story when asked from a little girl about immigration. The story came straight from her mouth about babysitting Mexican children whose parents worked in the field. I even have it on tape.