Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Friday sales way down on Chicago's North Michigan Ave because of #BlackLivesMatter

Michigan Avenue
Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement is anti-capitalist. As someone who works in sales I have tremendous sympathy for the Chicago Magnificent Mile retailers who suffered on Black Friday because of theses leftists. The rabble--who had no parade or rally permit--blocked North Michigan Avenue and the entrances to stores. The police should have arrested these lawbreakers. Even if the protesters had a permit, they violated the law when they blocked street traffic, sidewalk foot traffic, and store entrances.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Activists who blocked the entrances to stores on North Michigan Avenue on Black Friday to protest the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white Chicago cop may have split opinions with their tactics.

But their goal of forcing retailers to suffer economic pain on what's historically the busiest shopping day of the year was a success, according to unhappy store staff and managers who said Monday that Black Friday sales on the Magnificent Mile were 25 percent to 50 percent below projections.

Images of protesters marching down North Michigan urging a holiday shopping boycott dramatically reduced foot traffic while protesters who physically blocked shoppers from entering stores also hurt sales in a big way, according to the retailers, some of whom were critical of the low-key police response.

"We were down a lot," said Sarah Midoun, a sales associate at Aldo shoe store. "We were budgeted to make $37,000 but we only did $19,000 — customers told us they were concerned.
Leftists don't care about "the people." They only care about their causes.

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