Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baltimore father murdered while protecting his kids from drug dealers

"Oh, Baltimore
Man, it's hard just to live, just to live."
Randy Newman, Baltimore.

Yes, its very hard to live in Baltimore.

From ABC Baltimore:
A hard-working man providing for three children in this modest home in Northwest Baltimore, 24-year-old Kendal Fenwick died protecting everything that meant the most to him.

"Nobody can tell me why they would kill him, why they would do that to him---nothing," said Dominique Jarvis who is pleading for answers after the shooting that has left her two children without a father.

On this day, the city's top cop, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, returned to the scene of the crime to try to provide an answer.

"Our victim, Mr. Fenwick, was protecting his community," Davis said. “He knew that they were drug dealers in this area and along this block. He, on his own, erected a fence to prevent them from going back and forth through his yard and that obviously didn't sit too well with these drug dealers."
Fenwick confronted those vermin last night--and he paid the ultimate price.

So far this year at least 294 people have been murdered in Maryland's largest city--only 215 homicides were recorded in 2014. During this spring's riots, Baltimore's inept mayor infamously offered space to destroy to the thugs and hooligans.

And the destruction continues.

Oh, I'm sure that the #BlackLivesMatters screamers have no comment about the killing of Fenwick, who was black.

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Holding My Nose said...

If only we had effective nationwide gun control all of Charm City's violence would end. That's the perennial LibDem politician excuse whenever the death toll in Charm City is mentioned.