Sunday, October 18, 2015

Walls work: Latvia to build 55 mile long fence on Russian border

House of Blackheads,
Riga, Latvia
The planned Latvian border fence could be just a start, as its border with Russia with Russia is 133 miles long.

From the Moscow Times:
Latvian officials have announced their plans to build a 90-kilometer [55 mile] fence on the border with Russia in order to avoid illegal migration, regional news website Delfi reported Saturday, citing the Latvian interior minister's interview with the BNS news agency.
The fence will alternate with sensor-based systems and zones with surveillance cameras. Its overall costs will amount to 3.5 million euros ($4 million), the report said.

Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis promised the fence would not become a "Chinese wall" preventing dialogue between the two countries. "It is needed not in order to build a Chinese wall between Russia and Latvia, but to limit the number of illegal immigrants," he told BNS.

"We are to create a system that will prevent [illegal migrants] from crossing the border, or which will give us irrefutable evidence of their tracks," Kozlovskis said.
Donald Trump's proposal of a secure border with Mexico doesn't seem so radical, does it?

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