Monday, October 19, 2015

(Photos) Three Rivers, Michigan's three rivers

Three Rivers, Michigan in St. Joseph County gets its name because, well, of course, because it has three rivers passing through it.

Above is the St. Joseph River. In 1683 René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle's expedition took this waterway upstream to reach what is now South Bend, Indiana--they portaged there and carried their canoes to the Kankakee River. From there they journeyed to the Gulf of Mexico.

Spanning the St. Joseph is a rail bridge.

Did someone say Portage? Here is number two, the Portage River.

The Portage flowing into the St. Joe. Amazingly, Michigan has three other Portage Rivers.

Your humble author standing on East Michigan Avenue on the Portage bridge. That's a Ronald Reagan T-shirt I'm wearing.

And now for number three: the Rocky River. With a 28 mile-long length this river is the shortest of the three.

Kayaking is popular on the Rocky.

Mrs. Marathon is looking good at the river.

The Rocky flows into the St. Joe at Conservation Park. As for that river, its mouth is at Lake Michigan.

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