Monday, October 26, 2015

(Photos) Palos area fall colors--part two

Last week I visited my mother in Palos Heights, Illinois, which is where I grew up. I posted some fall colors photos on Friday--here are the rest of them.

Three elderly people walk up an incline at the Palos Park Woods North Forest Preserve at Kean Avenue late in the morning.

Later that day--from the bottom of that slope--is how the trail looked. Look closely--there is a man on horseback in this pic.

To the east at Paddock Woods red oaks and hickories dominate the landscape. The path you see is the Sag Valley Trail.

Here we have red, orange, brown, and green.

McClaughry Springs Woods has a 100 foot tall moraine--I'm looking up it here as the sugar maples look back.

Mill Creek is a stream the runs through McClaughry Springs. As you can see, we haven't had much rain lately.

A red oak peeks out over the creek.

A final look at Mill Creek.

The Cal-Sag Channel in Palos Heights is in its autumnal glory.

My Friday Palos fall colors posts contained many wetland shots, so I think that it's appropriate to end with one. Pictured here is Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve at 95th and LaGrange Road in Willow Springs, the site of a rare Illinois peat bog.

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