Friday, October 23, 2015

(Photos) Palos area fall colors--part one

Yesterday I visited my mother in Palos Heights, Illinois--she still lives in the family home. The fall colors are at their peak.

That's 87th Street heading west.

There are many wetlands in the Palos area.

The tree, probably a red oak is in the Buffalo Woods Forest Preserve.

That's Hidden Pond. It isn't much of a pond anymore, vegetation is filling it in--albeit naturally.

Here's a scene from White Oak Woods.

LaGrange Road is also US Route 20, US Route 12, US Route 45 and the U.S. Grant Memorial Highway in northern Palos Township. All but US Route 45 veer off to the east at 95th Street.

A Metra Train pulls out of the Palos Heights station--looking down on sumac trees.

A truss rail bridge over the unseen Cal-Sag Channel.

Next week: I go deeper into the woods

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