Saturday, October 24, 2015

(Photos) Detroit's Parker-Webb Building and Fluxus

There's a fantastic looking old building in downtown Detroit that has been for the most part overlooked by architectural historians--the Park-Webb Building at 400 Grand River.

According to Detroit1701 it was the structure originally hosted a meat processing company. The architect and date of construction are unknown.

But there's more--a plaque near the doorway.

It reads,"Čia gimė FLUXUS įkūrėjas Jurgis Mačiūnas, 1931.11.08 -- 1975.05.08."

Translated from Lithuanian it means, "The founder of FLUXUS. George Mačiūnas. was born here." Mačiūnas was an avante-garde artist who created Fluxus boxes for "happenings," inside those containers were various objects that artists would react to in ways only they could probably understand--performance art, I guess. Yoko Ono was a Fluxus enthusiast, which is all I need to know.

Mačiūnas was born in Lithuania, not Detroit. Perhaps he hosted a Fluxus exhibition at the Parker-Webb Building once.

Or was this mistake was affixed onto this structure to create a discussion point? Or better yet, a happening?

If so, then Fluxus lives.

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