Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pennsylvania college drops Crusaders nickname

The whitewashing of America continues. Ironically, the choice of Crusaders as this school's team name had nothing to do with religion. It honors an effort, which essentially failed, of a university official who battled to maintain amateurism college athletics.

Some donors have told Susquehanna University that they intend to keep their cash now that the "Crusaders" nickname and logo are being replaced.

Others offered donations in support of Monday's decision to move on from the moniker that dates to 1924, according to university president L. Jay Lemons.

The issue has split opinion in three directions: approval, refusal, and apathy.

By Wednesday, a day-old petition to keep the name had passed 1,500 signatures. Supporters are rallying on Twitter and Facebook. There's been a run on Crusader merchandise at the campus bookstore.
This is another example of political-correctness run amok. If Muslims don't like the Crusaders name, they don't have to enroll at Susquehanna.

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