Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NAACP asks Utahn to get rid of hangman Halloween decoration

For some groups, such as the NAACP, everything is about race.

But do you know what? Not everything is about race and racism.

Oh, Utah's African-American population is at one-percent and the Beehive State does not have a tradition of endemic persecution of blacks.

From the Deseret News:
A Utah man says he won't take down a hangman decoration that's part of his annual Halloween display, despite a complaint from the NAACP that the decoration simulates the lynching of African-Americans.

"When I was making it in the first place, it never crossed my mind at all, 'Hey, one day someone might take offense to it,'" Kevin Van Miltenberg said. "I don't make these to be offensive at all. I just make them for fun and for people to enjoy."
Van Miltenberg said he hasn't had anyone from the NAACP contact him personally to discuss their concern about his display. He isn't even sure if the person who complained to police has seen the hangman firsthand. He does know, however, that his hangman isn't coming down.

"If I take this down, there will always be something else for someone to complain about," Van Miltenberg said. "When I decorate for Christmas and I put baby Jesus out in the Nativity, somebody's going to complain about it and I'm going to have to take that down."
Good for Van Miltenberg.

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