Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ex-Detroit high school principal pleads guilty to bribery

Abandoned Detroit
high school
Yes, this ex-principal drove a Maserati. Her plates licence plates were GUCCI1.

From the Detroit Free Press:
A former principal at Detroit's Mumford High School said Thursday she cut a deal to plead guilty to federal bribery and tax evasion for her role in a kickback scheme that is under investigation by the FBI.

Kenyetta (K.C.) Wilbourn-Snapp, a petite, feisty woman known for carrying a baseball bat in one school and driving a Maserati while at a second, told the Free Press this afternoon that she is pleading guilty to accepting a $58,000 bribe and to tax evasion.

Wilbourn-Snapp said her attorney Steve Fishman met with her on Tuesday and told her, "'I don’t know if I have good news but the goal is to keep you out of jail. They want you to take a plea. Tax evasion.'"
She said the $58,000 in bribes were mostly tied to companies that did things for Mumford. "It is my belief that the feds raided my home, and they were looking for a bomb, and they got a cap gun."
But as an educator, she's for the kids.

Oh, if Mumford High School sounds familiar, it's because that was the fictional alma mater of Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop character, Axel Foley.

Wilbourn-Snapp is the second urban educator to plead guilty this week for bribery.

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