Thursday, September 17, 2015

Low-information voter: Democrat prefers Biden over Clinton because "she’s been in Washington too long"

The Democratic Party is the haven for low-information voters.

From the New York Times:
John Kern, a 28-year-old Democrat from New Jersey who works in financial services, said he believed that Mr. Biden would be the strongest candidate to unify the party and appeal to cross-sections of voters in all regions of the country.

"Before Biden, I would have said Clinton, but I'm not really a big supporter of hers anyway," Mr. Kern said. Referring to the killing of the American ambassador in Libya while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, he added, "It has nothing to do with Benghazi or all the other stuff the Republicans are trying to throw at her. But I think she's been in Washington too long."
I'll make sure what little money I have goes nowhere near the clueless Kern.

Biden was a US Senator for over three decades before his election as vice president. Hillary is a relative newcomer to the capital--arriving in Washington twenty years after Biden did.

When I vote next fall for president--my vote will count the same as Kern's vote.

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