Monday, September 28, 2015

Kansas looking for school districts where employees are related to board members

I would love to have such a law enacted in Illinois or other corrupt states. Many school districts are cesspools of nepotism.

From the Wichita Eagle:
Kansas lawmakers are seeking information on the number of school board members across the state with spouses or relatives working for school districts.

The Kansas Legislative Research Department sent out a survey to school board members throughout the state on Friday asking them to answer whether they or any of their relatives work for school districts or the Kansas Department of Education.

The request for this information came initially from the Legislature's Special Committee on Ethics, Elections and Local Government, according to researcher Martha Dorsey, who explained that the committee would be reviewing the impact of HB 2345 "if it passed in its current form."

The bill, which was introduced during the past session, would restrict a person from serving on a local school board if his or her spouse, parent or sibling worked for any school district in the state. The bill sparked backlash from educators and school board members when it received a hearing early this year and was quickly tabled.

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