Tuesday, September 08, 2015

2016 Chevy Volt only will be sold in the northeast and on the west coast

Fighting global warming:
the Chevy Volt
The Chevrolet Volt, a concept car that the Obama administration forced into production a few years ago, has been a big flop. Only eight thousand have been sold so far this year--despite a $7,500 federal tax credit available to people who purchase the plug-in hybrid. Sales are way down from last year.

Still, as they say in the automobile business, "there is an ass for every seat." Just make sure your posterior is on the on the west coast or the northeast because you won't be able to buy a 2016 Volt anywhere else. 

The Volt is manufactured in Michigan--where you won't see it inside any showroom unless it's a leftover '15 model.

General Motors says the '16 will be a short model year for the Volt and the 2017 edition will be available nationwide.


The MUSEman said...

Is it *far most likely* because GM is transitioning to a newly-designed model early in the 2016 calendar year to be labeled as a 2017 model and thus doesn't have enough time to manufacture and distribute the 2016 model nationwide before they have to bring the manufacturing plant down for the changeover?

I'm not a big fan of the Volt - other than its' pretty slick transmission, and sales have in fact been dismal for a heavily-subsidized car. But, I don't think the sales numbers are the root cause for limited release of the 2016 model.

(Also, the Cadillac ELR used Volt technology, and GM has announced plans to extend the technology to at least a minivan and hatchback, possibly under non-Chevy brands.)

Just sayin'

John Ruberry said...

Possibly. But if the Volt was a runaway success they'd have some sort of 2016 out there nationwide--even one with no changes. The Toyota Prius sometimes carries over into a new model year with the essentially the same vehicle as the year before.

But there's a big difference--the marketplace likes the Prius.

Richard Joash Tan said...

But for me, the marketplace LOVES THE VOLT EVEN MORE!