Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Year after Harris v. Quinn: SEIU collecting $2 million less in dues

Shortly after succeeding his two-time running mate Rod Blagojevich as governor of Illinois--his fellow Chicago Democrat Pat Quinn signed an executive order that forced over 4,000 home-health care workers to kick in dues to the Service Employee International Union. Most of these people were people who cared for their adult children who were developmentally-disabled and they had no desire to join SEIU.

I mean what are they going to do--strike against their own kids?

The move by the feckless Quinn--who was booted out of office last fall--was a brazen attempt to pick the pockets of these people.

One of them, the great Pam Harris, sued Quinn to end the SEIU robbery. The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court. Harris won--as did thousands of other home health care workers.

A year later the SEIU is licking its wounds--it's now collecting $2 million less in dues. But these now former union members have more money in their bank accounts--funds that they can instead spend on those that they care for everyday--instead of enriching union bosses and funding left-wing political campaigns.

Who says all of the news is bad?

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