Friday, August 28, 2015

(Photos) Part two: Abandoned homes in Detroit's Grixdale Farms neighborhood

Once again we return to Detroit's sad Grixdale neighborhood on the city's East Side.

A mulberry tree has taken a liking to this Michigan bungalow on McDougall.

Not too long ago this brick beauty was one of the nicest residences in the neighborhood.

Grixdale Farms, according to Wikipedia, gets its name from the Grix family, who farmed in the area. It also describes the area as "a little known gem of a neighborhood." A gem? For urban explorers it is, yes. But not for anyone else.

Where's Waldo? Where's the house?

Several years ago the History Channel ran a series, Life After People. Just sayin'...

Over on East Davison near Conant--these stores are closed.

And this outlet is shuttered too.

With all of the vacant lots and abandoned buildings--why does Detroit even bother with zoning?

One the right of the Michigan bungalow is a cottage style home.

Over on Gallagher Street is a home we can walk into.

Yes, that's an automobile bumper on the left. Rubbish in this home was probably illegally dumped in this living room. There's a disposal fee for bumpers in Illinois and I imagine there is one in Michigan too.

There is nowhere to go to the bathroom in this bathroom.

That's the basement. As this was the first abandoned Detroit home I walked into, I was a bit nervous when I snapped these photos.

One last look.

And finally, two Michigan bungalows.

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