Monday, August 24, 2015

Detroiters turn four year-old sinkhole into fishing hole

Good for them. I appreciate their can-do spirit.

From ABC 7 Detroit:
A sinkhole in Detroit has turned into a fishing hole on Hull Street and McNichols.

People who live nearby say after about four years of dealing with the hole, they decided to turn it into something they could enjoy.

Residents started putting fish into the sinkhole. Now, the fish have multiplied. They have blue gill, goldfish, and carp.

"We like our fish, but honestly we'd like the road fixed," said one neighbor named Pete Bolden.
Last month I was in this same Detroit neighborhood, Grixdale, although I didn't encounter the fishing hole.

UPDATE August 26: Hooray for the meda. No, I'm not being sarcastic. The next day after reporters visited the sinkhole, the water main that filled the sinkhole was repaired and the fish were moved to a new home.

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