Saturday, August 29, 2015

#CopsLivesMatter: Texas cop shot to death while pumping gas

What will the Black Lives Matter screamers say about this atrocity?

From the Houston Chronicle:
A 30-year-old Cypress man has been charged with capital murder in the Friday killing of a 47-year-old Harris County Sheriff's deputy who had stopped at a gas station he frequented in northwest Harris County.

Shannon J. Miles, who has been arrested at least six other times, twice for using force against an officer, is accused of gunning down Deputy Darren Goforth at a Chevron station at Telge and West.

The deputy was shot multiple times even after he had fallen to the ground.

"In my 45 years in law enforcement, I can't recall another incident so cold-blooded and cowardly," said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman.
Since the leftists insist on racializing crime, I am compelled to report that the slain cop was white and the alleged killer is black.

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