Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beyond picking up trash: Illinois needs to make volunteering easier at state parks

Illinois & Michigan Canal State
Trail, Ottawa, IL
Here are few entences from an ABC 7 Chicago article about Illinois & Michigan State Trail--parts of which are crumbling--that jumped out at me
"Bad politicians. Bad politicians is what we've got," Chuck Burke, bicyclist, said.

For lovers of the I & M Canal Trail there is great frustration. Volunteers want to help, but all they're allowed to do is pick up trash.

"If the state is not going to be doing the funding on an ongoing basis, what else can be done? "
Why aren't volunteers allowed to do more? Self-serving public sector union workers and contractors who grease the palms of politicians are probably why that is. Hey, I'm not saying any chucklehead can drive a backhoe--but surely volunteers can regrade a crushed gravel trail, fix a water fountain or two, or replace vandalized signs. One small way for Illinois to dig itself out of its self-induced morass is to allow volunteers to do more--and not just in the parks.

Oh, cyclist Burke is right. Illinois has bad politicians, with a few exceptions such as our reform governor, Bruce Rauner, who was elected to confront the old order.

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Anonymous said...

A large group of us have been working with the local southern Forts as much as we legally can. If the government would loosen up the stupid regulations, we could get some serious work done besides just raising money.

John Ruberry said...

Thanks for your hard work. I hope you can do more soon.

Anonymous said...

You have to know that the Department of Conservation....Natural Resources is dumping grounds for all the political hacks, right! Even when the state had alot of money they couldn't keep the parks funded. It's a scam to put pressure to fund the parks! If you look, the first one to lose funding is the most visible, state parks! Sorta like the Feds, talk up the most visible!