Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(Photo) Allstate billboard above Detroit Highwaymen clubhouse

When you have a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang clubhouse in your neighborhood--even if it may be closed--it's a good idea to have insurance, Allstate implies in a billboard above this building emblazoned with Detroit Highwaymen on Michigan Avenue in Detroit's Michigan-Martin neighborhood.

More from FBI.gov in 2011:
The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club is headquartered in southwest Detroit and has numerous chapters in the city of Detroit, in several cities in southeast Michigan, and has chapters in other states. Prosecutors were able to prove the violent nature of the club when witnesses testified to a range of criminal activity including armed robbery, attempted murder, conspiracies to kill witnesses, use of firearms during acts of violence, and the distribution of large amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and steroids.

Evidence at trial also established the highly structured organization and chain of the command of the Highwaymen. These six defendants represented many of the officers, or bosses, of the enterprise. Evidence also showed that other members of the club were heavily involved in narcotics trafficking and theft offenses.
It's a good thing that Allstate is "proud to represent southeast Michigan."

If the clubhouse is closed why is there no graffiti on it? Almost every other vacant Motown building has been tagged and retagged.

I think I know why.

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