Sunday, July 12, 2015

Illinois: Rauner pension rescue plan calls for end to public-sector union collective bargaining

Illinois' Republican reform governor wants to save his state.

From AP:
Gov. Bruce Rauner says Illinois could save billions of dollars each year through an ambitious new plan to address hugely underfunded pension systems, a proposal he describes as "fair and reasonable" for both government workers and taxpayers.

But labor unions and their supporters — including Democrats who run the Legislature — say it's the latest attempt by the Republican to attach union-busting measures to broader policy changes.

The legislation would prohibit state employee unions from collective bargaining on issues such as wages, vacation and overtime, and would freeze salaries for five years beginning this month. It would then offer workers the option of getting raises, more vacation or more overtime — but only if they agree to switch to a less-generous pension plan.
"Fair and reasonable" and smart.

As you know I just returned from Detroit--where unions made a real mess of things.

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