Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On this day in 1940: Soviets seize Baltic States

Soviet era bread line in Latvia
While historians might quibble of the exact date, it was on June 17, 1940 when the Red Army occupied the Baltic States--Estonia, Latvia, and Estonia. Today Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day is marked in the middle Baltic State.

Seventy-five summers later Russian president Vladimir Putin--despite Hillary Clinton's "reset button" diplomacy with Russia, is making hostile gestures to these small nations, which are as much of a threat to Russia as a squirrel is to a tiger.

Sadly, we live in a dangerous world. Again.

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Unknown said...

In 1990, Latvia had no problems with the bread! It is the turn of French bread, then considered something new, unprecedented! Right from the bakery, still hot! Then and jeans were the same stage! :)