Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Mount Reagan may yet rise near Las Vegas

Mountains near Las Vegas
Democratic shenanigans blocked the first attempt at a Mount Reagan in Nevada. But there is a second effort underway by supporters of the Gipper.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:
Rep. Cresent Hardy, R-Nev., on May 13 reintroduced a bill that would name one of the peaks of Frenchman Mountain to the east of Las Vegas for President Ronald Reagan. The peak would become known as Mount Reagan.

"Congressman Hardy appreciates much of what Reagan stood for and thought it appropriate to recognize the former president's ideals in this way," his spokesman said.

Last year a similar bill passed the Republican-controlled House Natural Resources Committee but stalled after it became a partisan issue that divided Nevada’s delegation. Its chief advocate, Las Vegas conservative activist Chuck Muth, is hoping for a different result now that both sides of Congress have GOP majorities.

Muth is looking to fulfill Nevada’s part of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which seeks to name at least one public landmark in each state and all 3,067 counties after Reagan. Perhaps the best-known renamed landmark is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the nation's capital. There is also the Ronald Reagan Turnpike in Florida.
Illinois, where Reagan was born in 1911, hasn't forgotten its beloved "Dutch." As for Nevada, Reagan's closest friend serving in the US Senate during his president was Republican Paul Laxalt.

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