Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Media bias: Two Chicago Tribune writers call Rauner "a rookie governor"

Somehow I just don't think that six years ago Chicago Tribune political writers Kristen McQueary and Kim Geiger were referring to Democrat Pat Quinn as a rookie governor in 2009. Yeah, I know, McQueary was working for the Southtown Star then. But in separate columns this week, McQueary and Geiger called the Land of Lincoln's new governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, as "a rookie governor."

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I prefer to state that Rauner is a political newcomer with extensive successful private sector experience who is taking on Illinois' special interests. Besides, who puts "rookie" on their résumé?

As for media bias--it's sneaky--but that's why I blog.

Rauner ousted Quinn in last autumn's general election.

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