Thursday, June 18, 2015

Maniac who killed 9 at SC church arrested

A racist demon who shot nine blacks who were attending a prayer meeting at a Charleston, South Carolina church--including a state senator--has been captured in North Carolina.

From CBS Columbia:
The circumstances surrounding the arrest of Dylann Storm Roof, 21, have not been released yet. Shelby is located about an hour drive to the west of Charlotte.

Earlier in day, there was a heavy police presence seen in lower Richland County, South Carolina because Roof grew up in the area and has family here.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin also told WLTX that Roof has multiple family members in the greater Columbia area.

A Facebook page belonging to a Dylann Roof that matches the picture released by law enforcement said Roof at one time attended White Knoll High School in Lexington County.
Please pray for the victims.

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Anonymous said...

Obama will go down in history as the Worst President ever.

Once again we have witnessed the divider in chief using a ‘serious crisis’ to pit people against each other instead of trying to bring them together.

‘President’ Obama could have reacted to the recent events by not slyly mentioning how he plans on using it once again to incrementally destroying liberty.

Rather than uniting the country and healing it’s wounds, we had the ‘President’ using mass murder as just another opportunity to score political points for his socialist national agenda.

This why ‘President’ Obama will be considered THE WORST, bar none.

Compare this ‘President’ to those of the past who dealt with far worse tragedies during their terms in office and how they united the nation rather than using them against their political enemies.

Compare and contrast him to the Greatest Republican presidents who dealt with civil war, terrorist attacks with magnanimity in first binding up the nation’s wounds with inspiring words and deeds.

These were great leaders that didn’t take advantage of the situation as our current ‘President’ has done time and time again.

I won’t here because it pains me to even mention them in connection to the current ‘President’.

Make no mistake, I am not absolving ‘President’ Obama of all of his scandals and illegal actions, they are legion in the extreme. But they pale in comparison to his use of events for crass political gain instead of uniting the country.

We cannot fathom how his use of such tragedies will play out on the pages of history, but we know the results of what has happened when past Presidents have resisted the urge to do this.

His use of those events to divide the country against itself and the results of such division will be the reason he will be designated by our posterity as the Worst, make my words.