Monday, June 01, 2015

Illinois stripper sues for minimum wage

A Peoria area stripper bares her opinion on minimum wage laws.

From the Peoria Journal Star:
An erotic dancer at a Creve Coeur strip club has sued her employer, alleging the club is violating state and federal labor laws by not paying her a minimum wage.

Aleigha Woods filed the suit last week in U.S. District Court in Peoria and seeks to broaden the suit to a class action, or on behalf of about 100 other dancers who have worked for Club Cabaret in the past three years.

The suit, filed May 26, alleges dancers at the club aren’t paid a minimum wage and must pay a nightly "house fee" in order to perform on stage. Treating the employees like "independent contractors," the suit claims isn't proper as the club controls every aspect of their work environment.

As an example, the club imposes fines upon dancers who don't follow their rules, such as chewing gum while on stage or not smiling while performing, the suit alleges. In addition, the club controls what the dancers charge for their dances, what they can wear and when they work.
News flash: Most employers prohibit gum chewing for their workers who face the public and dress codes are common at for those employees.


Anonymous said...

You just made her point. She's an employee. She is not an independent contractor.

Anonymous said...

New York strippers tried to unionize. Did they succeed? Illinois is a strong union state and most Peoria area strippers need a competent attorney to advise them. I agree, area strippers are being taken advantage of in many ways. On the other hand, many do not show up to work on time or not at all. Their work habits would have to change.