Saturday, May 23, 2015

Illinois' reform governor reveals state turnaround agenda

After 12 years of failure from Rod Blagojevich ann Pat Quinn, Illlinois finally has a governor who is putting taxpayer interests on top of those of the special interests--such as public-sector unions.

Yesterday that reformer, Republican Bruce Rauner, released his turnaround agenda.

From the Chicago Tribune:
The legislature is scheduled to adjourn May 31, but Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno dismissed the deadline and said the package of bills Rauner presented to the General Assembly represents the bare minimum for the governor and GOP lawmakers to even begin to consider a tax hike to help close a gaping $6.6 billion hole for the budget year that starts July 1.

But many of Rauner's proposals are politically toxic to Democratic lawmakers and their allies, including legislative term limits, changes in workers' compensation, limitations on damage awards in civil lawsuits, and weakened union rights for municipal workers and teachers to bargain for pay.

Rauner also is proposing a property tax freeze that many mayors oppose and allowing cities to file for bankruptcy, which many unions see as an attempt to allow municipalities to get out of pension obligations.

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