Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Detroit: Naked anti-gun legislator fires rifle at wife's car, beats her

The voters in Detroit sure know how to elect loser thugs. This particular fiend is the chairman of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus.

From the Detroit News:
State Sen. Virgil Smith told police that opening fire at his ex-wife’s Mercedes-Benz with a rifle early Sunday morning was "the most stupid thing" in his life.

His ex-wife says she was met by a naked Smith at the front door of his home in the 18000 block of Wexford on the city's east side and he beat her with his fists, chased her outside and shot at her four or five times as well as firing at her car.

The son of Chief Wayne County Circuit Judge Virgil Smith was being held by Detroit Police as they continue their investigation. Police Chief James Craig said police anticipated charges of aggravated assault with a gun and malicious destruction of property against Smith.
Smith has a "D" rating from the National Rifle Association and a zero percent score from the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership.

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