Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not for the kids: 18 Detroit schools closed today because unionized teachers are at a rally

When public school teachers when they gather at rallies invariably they say their efforts are "for the kids."

Well, today thousands of Detroit students are staying home today because their teachers are at the state capitol for a protest.

From the Detroit Free Press:
Detroit Public Schools closed 18 schools today as hundreds of teachers headed to Lansing to rally against Gov. Rick Snyder's intended changes for the district.

"The union is up on its feet, ready to do what it takes to support our students and fight for their right to an equal, quality education," Steve Conn, president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, said in a news release.

The union said in the release that teachers were going to the Capitol to "express teachers' support for public education and determined opposition to Gov. Snyder's efforts to expand charters and the EAA [Education Achievement Authority] in Detroit."
Hundreds of parents are probably taking an unplanned day off from work.

Why can't these teachers protest on the weekends when schools are closed?

Detroit parents should be rallying against their teachers.

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