Thursday, April 02, 2015

My Tweet on Memories Pizza

In case you haven't heard, a Walkerton, Indiana restaurant, Memories Pizza, was force to close, at least temporarily, because one of the owners of the family business said that why she would serve gays, she would not want to cater a gay wedding because of her Christian beliefs.

A lesbian high school coach suggested on Twitter that Memories be burned down. Social media bullies who've never been anywhere near Memories the Indiana town have been deluging the restaurant's Yelp site with negative, inflammatory, and hostile "reviews."

My Tweet from tonight offers the big picture:

It reads, just in case the graphic doesn't load, "Leftists are freaking out about a small town pizza place that won't cater gay weddings because of their faith. Meanwhile, ISIS executes gays."

There is some good news: Over $400,000 has been raised by patriots for the owners of Memories Pizza at GoFundMe.

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