Thursday, April 02, 2015

Beast who buried bus load of kids alive paroled

Instead of keeping this creep locked up forever and forgetting about him, California might be letting him go soon.

A state parole board granted parole for James Schoenfeld today. Schoenfeld was involved in the Chowchilla bus kidnapping in July of 1976. He, his brother Richard Schoenfeld and Frederick Woods kidnapped a school bus full of children.

The trio then buried the kids alive underneath a rock quarry near Livermore. They demanded $5,000,000 dollars for return of the children who eventually escaped.

In 1977 the three of them were given life sentences with no chance of parole. That is until an appeal three years later overturned their eligibility for parole. James' brother Richard Schoenfeld was paroled in 2012.

Wednesday's decision begins a six month process to determine if James Schoenfeld will be released from prison.
Of course the victims are still suffering from psychological damage from ordeal. Schoenfield's brother has already been paroled.

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