Thursday, April 09, 2015

3rd ranking House Dem blames ALEC and conservative groups for Walter Scott death

Last weekend a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer fatally shot Walter Scott man after a scuffle over the cop's taser. Scott ran away--he was carrying no weapon--and the cop killed him. It's all on video.

The now-former policeman, Michael Slager, has been charged with murder. Now is the time for the justice system to take over. However, US Rep. James Clyburn  of South Carolina, the third ranking Democrat in the House, took the occasion on Chrissie Matthews' MSNBC show to blame the shooting not on Slager, but on conservative groups and the right-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council.

South Carolina has nine member in its congressional delegation--Clyburn is the only Democrat.

Do you see why there aren't more like him from the Palmetto State?

As for Matthews, the anemic host didn't dispute Clyburn's contemptible claim.

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