Friday, March 13, 2015

(Video) Krauthammer: Obama wants to cut Senate out of Iranian negotiations and get UN approval

Barack Obama is to constitutional law professors what alchemists are to scientists. As Charles Krauthammer tells us, this fraud who isn't aware of the advise-and-consent role of US Senate wants to have the United Nations validate his treaty with the radical Islamist Iranian regime.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I hate to break it to you, Count Chocula, and those 47 Repube traitors in the Senate, but nobody is negotiating a treaty. Six countries are trying to forge a delicate MULTI-LATERAL AGREEMENT with Iran over their nuclear (new-kya-ler, in Bush-babble) program. Don't you dunces know anything?

John Ruberry said...

Yes, Iran is ruled by evil men. At the very least the nation should be contained--best case would be regime change.

Anonymous said...

Yes! We're great at regime change! What a great idea! And it's good against evil! Who needs a nuclear agreement, when we have a volunteer army? And lots of money! It'll be even better than the Iraq regime change, and that one was great! It worked out super! And Saddam was evil! (Excerpted from the Republican foreign policy handbook)