Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Krauthammer on Hillary's emails: "It’s the 90s all over again"

The 1990s are back--or more accucaretly, the sneakiness of the Clinton presidency is has boomeranged into 2015, Charles Krauthammer explained on Fox News tonight.

As for Hillary Clinton, she claimed much of her deleted email content was personal correspondence between herself and her husband.

But Bill Clinton has only sent two emails--the Wall Street Journal tells us--and both of them were launched while he was president.

And Hildebeast won't turn over her private email server to the feds. This scandal will not die because most people understand the difference between a personal email and a work email account--and the importance of not transmitting information you want to remain private on the latter. People who don't closely follow politics--yet still vote--are going to assume that Hillary has a reason to keep that server private. That reason is self preservation.

As for the 1990s, Bill Clinton was able to weather his self-created storms largely because of his political acumen and his aw-shucks charm. His wife possesses neither of those things. She's in big trouble.

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